London-Heathrow Airport parking

London-Heathrow Airport is an international commercial airport and is located about 25 km west of the city centre of London. With about 66 million air passengers, Heathrow Airport shows the largest passenger numbers in Europe and thus is the third largest airport worldwide, following Atlanta and Chicago O’Hare. It serves approximately 180 destinations in more than 90 countries.

The airport offers many different facilities like cash points, post offices, restaurants, cafes, pubs and duty-free-shops. Terminal 2 offers an observation deck on the roof for visitors. Furthermore, parking areas are provided in each of the four terminals of the airport.


Getting to the car park at Heathrow Airport

London Heathrow Airport is located about 25 km west of the city of London. The car park can be reached best by the M4 motorway, when coming from west or east, and by the M25, when approaching the airport from north or south. Terminal 4 is located in the south of the airport and can be reached by Heathrow Express train. Heathrow Express train operates between all terminals and is free of charge. Terminal 5 is situated at the western Perimeter Road and has its own separate access road.
The easiest way of getting to the airport is by public transport. By using the culvert pedestrian area, the airport bus station of the Terminals 1, 2 and 3 can be reached easily. Many other busses stop at Bath Road. The two most important lines are the A2 and the N9. The A2 Airbus shuttle operates between all terminals and London Kings Cross railway station and N9 operates between the airport and the city centre.

Parking at Heathrow Airport

The airport offers short-stay parking spaces at each terminal and an additional car park in the centre of the terminal area (P1a), which can be reached within walking distance. Long-stay car parks are located more distant, but a shuttle bus free of charge takes you from the car park to the terminal.
Get best value for money. Lower charges apply when pre-booking parking spaces online or by phone in advance. At all terminals valet-parking is offered. Disabled people can request customer service employees to help with parking. There are special parking areas free of charge at all terminals for motorcycles and bikes.


There is left-hand traffic in England. However, there are different options for driving to the airport by car. Passengers travelling via M4 from the North can reach the terminals 1, 2 and 3 via the tunnel. Exit at junction 4 and you will reach the short- and mid-stay car parks. Take the M4 and exit at junction 14 to get to terminal 4. The expressway A30 also leads to terminal 4. Terminal 5 is directly connected with the motorway. Moreover, a free shuttle service operating between the terminals and the long-term and business car park is provided.