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Parking terminology

If you don't know a term we provide the description with this glossary

General terms and conditions for the online booking like cancellation, booking changes and for the parking itself.

Entry identification medium
For entering and leaqving the carpark you have to identify with a magnetic stripe card like credit or bank cards as identification medium. Tghis card has to be inserted in the ticket slot at the entry and exit gate.

Payment method
That is how you pay the service fee and parking price. This may be a different medium i.e. card than the entry identification medium. You may pay with your wife's credit card and enter the carpark with your own.

Payment type
We offer prepaid parking  - you pay in advance - or payment at the exit - when you pay the effective parking amount when leaving the carpark at the exit gate.

Secure online payment method.

Frequently asked questions.

Parking tariff or parking price
Thats the regular parking price.